Don Barnhart is The Freeloader


Don & Friends visiting the troops overseas


Don Barnhart entertaining the treeps in the

Persian Gulf

Welcome to The Freeloader Movie

The Freeloader is the story of a returning Veteran who comes home from the war to find out his wife as been cheating on him, his house has been forclosed and his dog ran away. After hitting rock bottom, he finds himself living on the streets of Las Vegas and becomes the Robin Hood of the Homeless.

Not only will this film be funny and entertaining, it will help bring light to the increasing Veteran's homeless epidemic we have in our country. I feel that through humor we can bring light to serious subjects. I have been able to do this in my stand up "The DeEvolution of Man” and bring a lot of my personal material into the script. In my off time, my wife and I both volunteer for several charities and serve on the board of directors for Helping Hands Relief, a charity serving those in need in the Philippines.

We have started pre-production on and have a crowd funding campaign set up if you would like to help. By helping, you can get everything from DVDs, Tee Shirts and a small part in the movie the the ultimate "Vegas Movie Experience" .  We'll start crew and actor casting later this year so stay tuned!!! Check out the link and pre-preview.


Thank you all in advance,

Don Barnhart Entertainment



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